Q).  Why is  Mold and Mildew growing on the Exterior of my Home, and can it be removed?
A).  Mold and Mildew on a home is a very common thing.  In fact, nearly 1/3 of the Earth’s atmosphere is Mold.   The brown or green residue build up on the outside of your home is a result of moisture, which especially loves areas that are away from direct sunlight and stay damp longer.  Poor air circulation, possibly caused by dense vegetation or stored items close to the house, can all promote this growth.  Pressure washing alone, IS NOT enough to get rid of Mold and Mildew.  The spores remain and it will not be long before you are looking at the same unsightly growth.  The proper way to kill Mold and Mildew, is with a properly mixed solution of Bleach, Water, and a Cleaning Agen, such as Jomax.  This procedure will kill you Mildew and Mold and will NOT harm the environment.

Q).  How often should I have to Repaint the Exterior of my Home?
A).  The quality of the paint used, is of the utmost importance.  However, there are a lot of other  factors to consider.  Some of these are the climate where you live, moisture from certain landscaping such as bushes and trees, constant sunlight (which can dramatically fade a color on a paint), and even depending on the specific color you choose.  There are too many factors to take into consideration.  However, a good quality paint job, done by a Professional crew under normal conditions, should last anywhere from 5 – 10 years.  Contact us and we will be happy to evaluate your particular situation and offer you a more precise answer.

Q).  My friend said I needed to use a Satin finish in my kitchen and bathroom.  What is this and why do I need to do this?
A).  “Satin” is a term used for the specific sheen of a paint.  Satin has a bit more sheen than eggshell, but not as much as Semi-gloss.  Satin has a “velvety” looking finish when dry and is typically used for Kitchens and Baths.  It allows you to wipe the surface of the paint without removing it from the wall.  It is generally used in rooms prone to moisture and humidity.  This is why it is a better choice for Kitchens and Baths.

Q).  What are VOC’s ?
A).  VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  In short, VOC’s are chemicals that, along with oxides of nitrogen and sunlight, create ground level ozone, a major component of Smog.  It is a better alternative to use paints that are low VOC to no VOC, especially for Interior Residential use.

Q).  Who will be doing the painting?
A).  We will always have the same Project Manager on site from start to finish, in order to guaranty accurate job completion and satisfaction for the homeowners or business owners.

Q).  Does the Exterior surface of my home or business need to be pressure washed prior to painting?
A).  YES!  This is a very important process.  This is because a cleaner surface will allow your new paint to adhere to your home or business better.  It creates a better bond between the house and paint, allowing the paint to last longer and become more resistant to rain and heat.

Q).  Why prep my home or business before I paint it?
A).  Whether it is the interior of your home or business, or the exterior, it is important to NOT skip this step.  Preparing the surface prior to painting, will make or break you paint job.  It is rarely the paint film itself that fails, but rather the adhesion of the paint to the surface below.  Making sure your paint surface is clean, dry, free from grease, oils, and flaking or loose paint will give your primer and paint a good surface from which to bond.

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