Property Managers & HOAs

Perfection Plus Painting works closely with Property Managers and Associations on a daily basis.  We understand it is their job to make sure everything is taken care of for their properties and homeowners.  This is why we take pride in our ability to make it as carefree for them as possible.

Applying paint to a condominium, apartment building,  or other multi-unit residential property is not much different than painting a residential home, except that there are 20 or more families to accommodate and coordinate instead of one.   Perfection Plus Painting communicates directly with all involved parties, including individual residents.  We believe we do this better than other painting companies because we deeply respect each property and all those who live and work there.  We do this by going the “extra mile” and posting notices, roping off parking lots, and knocking on doors to organize front door painting.

Assessing homeowners for things like regular upkeep to a property is NEVER a fun thing.  This can cause homeowners to be upset and can also cause headaches for the Association.  This is why Perfection Plus Painting offers several financing options.

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