Going Green

These days, “Going Green” is a term used frequently.  We all want to protect the health of our families.  Whether we try to feed them better, make sure they exercise more, or by just trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.  But did you know that the same thing can be done with your paint?

Perfection Plus Painting is committed to reducing our own carbon footprint.  We do this in many ways.  “Going Green”  maybe trendy, but we see it as a responsibility and challenge that we are happy to take on.

We proudly use the Benjamin Moore Gennex Coloring System.  It does not only contain new cool colors, but it makes paint cover easier and last longer b/c of the way it blends with paint.  It is zero VOC and can be used with Benjamin Moore’s latest products. They also continue to improve these products all the time.

With Benjamin Moore’s patented Gennex Waterborn Colorant System, they have established a foundation for the growth of the Greenest Portfolio of products in the Industry.

For the first time ever, paints that are good for the environment, are getting good performance rating too!

See more about the Benjamin Moore ‘Green Promise’ here.

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